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Banking startup started Elon Musk’s passion for the letter X

Elon Musk has been pushing the X brand since before the turn of the century, starting with online banking site X.com in 1999.

Musk has been open about his love of the letter X for a long time. Many people are only becoming aware of it now that he’s folded one of the largest social media sites on the internet into his X plans.

Here’s the timeline of his love for the letter.

n 1999, Musk and three other cofounders launched X.com.

It was an online bank that merged with a competitor, Confinity, in 2000. That same year, Musk was voted out as CEO, replaced by Peter Thiel.

Musk founded the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, otherwise known as SpaceX, in 20o2

Fast-forward to 2015, Elon Musk’s car company Tesla introduced the Model X, a midsize electric SUV.

And later, in 2017, Musk buys back the X.com domain from his PayPal days.

The entreprenuer planted the seed for what would eventually be Twitter’s replacement.

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